Entrepreneur Association

Entrepreneur Association Professional Conduct Guidelines

Professional conduct is critical to the success of the Entrepreneur Association. Anderson students and staff who organize events often use their personal networks to bring outstanding speakers to campus. Organizers also put in a great deal of time to ensure a successful and meaningful event. It is critical that we as event attendees show respect to the organizers and their guests by adhering to the following basic guidelines.


Out of respect to guest speakers, all event attendees must arrive on time and may not leave an event early. If you have a conflict and need to leave  early or will arrive late you must notify the event organizer in advance. If you do not comply with these guidelines you may be denied access to the event and  may not be allowed to participate in future events.


RSVP events have limited capacity and there are students who are not able to attend when you get a spot. If you RSVP for an event, it is your  responsibility to attend. If you cannot attend an event for which you have RSVP’d please let the event organizer know well in advance.

Dress Code

Again, out of respect to our guests all EA events will have a specified dress code, typically Business Casual. Event attendees who are in obvious  violation of the requested dress code for an event will not be allowed to participate.

Laptops and Cell Phones

Just like lectures, laptops should be put away and cell phones should be turned off during EA events. If you using these items  inappropriately during an EA event you may be asked to leave and may not be able to participate in future events.

Individuals who do not observe these guidelines may be suspended from future EA events and other student organized events on campus per the ASA Ethics Code.

We sincerely hope that disciplinary action due to behavior at EA events will not be needed this year. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. With your help, the Entrepreneur Association Officers and Owner Managers will work to make this the most successful and rewarding year in EA history!


The EA Board and Price Center