Entrepreneur Association

Entrepreneurship Labs (eLabs)

Entrepreneurship Labs (eLabs) is an opportunity for students to pitch their business ideas and get constructive feedback in a fun and supportive environment. eLabs is one of the most popular EA programs and is a great place to test an idea, form a team, or find a mentor. eLabs provides students with a forum to test concepts in all stages of new venture development. The program is aimed both at students of UCLA, and researcher/faculty developing new technologies at UCLA seeking to develop a business ideas. eLabs strives to bring together people from different backgrounds to foster discussions with diverse perspectives. UCLA affiliates from all departments and schools are encouraged to join. Sessions are held every other week.

Knapp Venture Competition

The Knapp Venture Competition has funded innovation since 1981 at the Anderson School. Participants undergo an intensive learning experience involving the entrepreneurial process. Virtually all Anderson students will start, work in, advise or finance a growing businesses during their careers. The competition prepares students — whether they will be founders, financiers, consultants, marketers or general managers — for these experiences by simulating the process of starting and evaluating a new enterprise.

Tech Transfer

The Tech Transfer program provides Anderson students a way to connect with other UCLA research centers, faculty, alumni and industry professionals to explore new entrepreneurial ideas. Through speaker events, mixers and workshops, the program gives Anderson students the opportunity to learn more about how bleeding edge intellectual property is developed and commercialized into viable companies. EA members also automatically have access to the Westwood Venture Alliance, a networking partnership between entrepreneurial graduate students at UCLA’s engineering, business, law and medical schools.

Entrepreneur in Residence

Entrepreneurs are often brought into Anderson to spend a full day with students and faculty to share their wealth of knowledge and experiences. Alternatively, trips are organized to visit these entrepreneurs at their companies.